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Shareholders Communication Policy

In accordance with Principle 6 of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles, the Company recognises the value of providing current and relevant information to its shareholders.

The point of contact between the Company and its shareholders is the Office Manager although primary responsibility for communication with shareholders is that of the Company Secretary.

Information is communicated to shareholders through:

  • continuous disclosure to ASX of all material information;
  • periodic disclosure through the annual report, half year financial report and quarterly reporting of exploration, production and corporate activities;
  • notices of meetings and explanatory material;
  • the annual general meeting;
  • the Company’s website.

The Company is committed to the promotion of investor confidence by ensuring that trading in the Company’s securities takes place in an efficient, competitive and informed market.

Electronic communication and website

The Company believes that communicating with shareholders by electronic means, particularly through the web-site, is an efficient way of distributing information in a timely and convenient manner.

The Company’s website includes the following pages, which contain relevant information for its shareholders:

  • section on the Company’s corporate governance policies and practices;
  • reports section, which contains copies of annual, half yearly and quarterly reports;
  • ASX Announcements which contain Press Releases and
  • Media Releases which contains articles from newspaper and media clippings

The Company’s web-site will be updated with material released to the ASX as soon as practicable after confirmation of release by the ASX.

All web-site information will be continuously reviewed and updated to ensure that information is current, or appropriately dated and archived.

The Company places the full text of notices of meeting and explanatory material on the website.

Annual report

The annual report of the Company is the major communication update provided by the Company to shareholders each year. The Annual Report is available on the company website. Shareholders may elect to receive a hard copy by post.

Annual General Meeting

The Company recognises the rights of shareholders and encourages the effective exercise of those rights through the following means:

  • notices of meetings are distributed to shareholders in accordance with the provisions of the Corporations Act;
  • notices of meetings and other meeting material are drafted in concise and clear language
  • shareholders are encouraged to use their attendance at meetings to ask questions on any relevant matter, with time being specifically set aside for shareholder questions;
  • notices of meetings encourage participation in voting on proposed resolutions by lodgement of proxies, if shareholders are unable to attend the meeting;
  • it is general practice for a presentation on the Company’s activities to be made to shareholders at each annual general meeting; and
  • it is both the Company’s policy and the policy of BDO East Coast Practice (the Company’s auditor) to have a representative present at the annual general meeting and to answer any questions regarding the conduct of the audit and the preparation and content of the auditor’s report.

This policy is reviewed annually.